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Justin has been back and forth to Dallas for work quite frequently for a little while now and last week I got to join him. I had a nice, relaxing week while he worked, and we got to hang out in the evenings; his parents stayed with the kids. We have been trying to find free things to do with the kids, so when we got back home, Justin decided we would take them on a hike that he has been wanting to do.  It was a relatively easy hike; 3 miles if you do the whole thing. Not sure exactly how far we hiked, but probably around 2 miles.


We got the kids REI hiking backpacks and hydration reservoirs for Christmas and they have loved using them so far. They packed their lunches in them and any other essentials they thought they might need. Jocelyn was glad she had her tissues and bandaids!


Coronado Heights has a need little fort looking structure and it made you feel like you were  in Europe! The kids loved exploring it.


After we explored and ate lunch, we started our hike.

                                 Hiking-12-copy     Hiking-18-copy


Jackson was in charge of carrying Julianna’s diapers and wipes and he was so proud of it!


And Jonah decided he needed to lead the pack. He made sure to let anyone who got in front of him know that he was the leader!


And he also let us know when it was time for a water break.


Snack break


King of the mountain!


Another King of the mountain!


“Mom, take a picture of me sleeping on this rock!”


“Me too, Mom!”


The kids did awesome and no one complained too much about walking and climbing.  Does anyone have any other KS trails they love to hike? We are looking to have another adventure soon:)


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You make my heart POP!

I drew up this cute little design and decided I wanted to use for the kids Valentines because they all love gum and ask for a piece like 100 times a day!


For Jocelyn, we did bubble tape. I printed these out at home on a full sheet of sticker paper and then used a 2″ round punch to cut them out.  My printer isn’t the best, but it’ll do. I made her stickers for the back as well, but if you wanted you could just put blank white circle and have them write their name.

For the boys, we did a 4×6 and folded it in half. I bought clear bags from Walmart and cut them down a bit, filled them with gum, and taped to the inside and then on the sides. The pdf I made includes two on one sheet, and you can have your child write their name on the back with a chalk marker. If you have photoshop, you could add a photo or their name to the back.


Valentines-4 copy

Click the photos below to download & print as many as you need! For personal use only…Please do not copy, alter, or sell.

Heart Pop Circles


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Everyday I’m…

So one of my goals for 2016 is to be less busy…I once heard “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” I am good at busy. I thrive at it, but I also get stressed. And although we are only in the first month, it has been a huge weight lifted and I feel so much happier to just be…with God, my husband, babies, family, and friends more! I always hear that saying, “Everyday, I’m hustlin,” so I thought this would be a cute re-make of that, because I am enjoying a lot more snugglin’ and a lot less hustlin’ these days!

Snugglin floral.jpg

You can click the photo to download! Sized for an 8×10 and I would print on heavy cardstock or watercolor paper and trim around the edges. For personal use only! Please do not copy, alter, or sell. I have included some other versions of this below that are less girly, but I want to hang this in baby girl’s room! And I made two other completely different prints just because I was on a roll….scroll down to see them all!

Snugglin watercolor.jpgSnugglin.jpg






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